J'adoreday #4 : Christmas!!!

Ok you are probably aware of the fact that winter is my favorite season, since I wrote about it in my previous J'adoreday, but Christmas is my all time favorite festive season!! I love decorating my place, lighting up the Christmas tree, resting under it with a blanket around me and some steamy tea and cookies.. It is so causy and so very realistic, really speacial in my mind. I feel like a 6 years old kid, dreaming of snow and Santa. And yes I do know that Santa does not exist, since I was really young, but still I love believing in Christmas Spirit, and I love watching Home Alone again and again, each year, even at summer! and I am telling you the treats of this season in particular are over the top!! Greek kourabiedes and melomakarona, diples and a lot more!! Oh my god, I love them. Of course I gain a few pounds during that time, but still who can say no to the presents, the family around the fireplace, the laughing and most of all the TURKEY!! Everything is so good and traditional that even the most non-mainstream, rebel visionaires adore it! Besides ,it's a quick aller-retour season, so go ahead, have fun!! xoxo

Leonidas Villano