Female power is so in Vogue

Ada Wong
Since I can remember myself I was in love with heroes and especially the DC ones. It was not until several years before that I found out why. The ladies costumes are to die for. I was always attracted by Catwoman and her latex/leather suit, and all female heroes for what they wore. I used to stare at them in their flexsuits and heels. I honestly believe that the image making of these wonderful cartoons is quite harsh, as the outcome has to be breathtaking. Somehow I see a lot of fashion in these heroes. From Resident Evil's Ada Wong to my all time favorite Catwoman, fashion stands out in an intense way. It's like Jitroix, Tisci and Formichetti co-operated to create fashion icons that actually do not exist. The power of womanity, the famine allure of a "I know how to manage" body and the seducing eyes that stare you from the dark are really in vogue and me myself am inspired so deeply by this childish yet mature part of my life that I cannot help but write, design and think of all these divas of the Ink world. 
Silk Spectre II
Bat Girl

Harley Quinn
Black Kanary