Beauty tip: Tea VS Black Circles and fatigue!

Now I am not usually doing the beauty tips thing, but I honestly wanted to recommend you this one! Last year, a few days before New Year's Eve, I saw on the tele several ways to be fresh and gorgeous for this glamorous night, when the new year comes in for the past one to leave once and for all. Now the basic ingredient was a tea bag. I have mentioned a trillion times that I adore tea but what it did to my tired noir eyes was epic. Here's how it works: Make some tea for yourself using 2 tea bags (make it hot!!) Then take the tea bags off your mug and let them cool down a bit! Then lay down and relax with both the tea bags placed under each eye. Wait for 10 minutes and try to stay calm during that time. Then take the tea bags off and check your eyes on the mirror, kaboom, no black circles no nothing! Like you just woke up. Then run back to your tea mug and drink the tea before it's too cold (laughs) xoxo

                                                                                                   p.s It works! Trust me!! I also do it on special occasions such us birthdays etc!!

Leonidas Villano