The History of the White Wedding Dress

Queen Victoria getting married to her cousin Albert in a white wedding dress
 The white wedding dress was actually "established'' as a wedding's must in 1840, when Queen Victoria married her cousin Albert , out of true and romantic love. While until then white was a wow color for an occasion like marriage, Queen Victoria did not like the idea of a golden or blue or pink dress with jewels on it , so she decided to go simple n' stylish in her white satin and lace dress, leaving the regal tiara aside and decorating her hair with some orange blossom.
Wedding dresses of the 19th century
Now let's take things from the very beginning. Due to the lack of money, women of that era ( before 1840) were not able to create a dress that could only be worn once. Thus they made pink or blue dresses aiming to wear them again as a regular cloth. Some working women even went for a black dress, yes!! a black dress, which they could then wear at work. With Victoria introducing white as the IT color, women craved to get married in a white dress like she did, but unfortunately most of them couldn't afford it, making the white wedding dress a privilege of the rich. By the 1920s , white was considered the only color a woman could get married in, and blue, that was once a must became an provocative and risky choice. Then came the associations of white with virginity and purity and picking something else could mean a lot of things. Another revelation on the field was the one Sharon Tate did in 1968 when she decided to wear a white
Sharon Tate wearing a white minidress
Pamela Anderson in her "white wedding bikini"
 minidress, with many more following her steps. Pamela Anderson gifted us another provocative white wedding dress moment when she showed up with a tied knot in a white bikini in 2006. The thousands of money today's women spend on their wedding gown is tremendous in comparison to women of the past! We could actually say that the wedding dress today is the most expensive piece of a woman's closet even though it can NEVER be worn again.

Leonidas Villano