Shopping Guide: Dress for less

This guide is a style guide for fall. Low budget, key pieces that can be worn in many different ways by most types of body figures. To me it was important that I keep it simple and clean, as more complex pieces are actually copy pastes from several fashion houses, and as a fashionista I am, I hate that part of fast fashion.
You can check out the prices and more details of each piece by clicking on the link (in form of a description of the cloth) next to the number that corresponds to the number of each image. (links are down below)

1)2 Colored Blazer
2)Black Blazer with truks
3)Olive Green Knit Jacket
4)Bardaux Cottle Trousers
5)Bardaux stretch trousers
6)Capitone fake leather skirt
7)Fake leather croko skirt
8)Black Knit pullover
9)Knit oversised black dress
10)Printed oversized blouse
11)Blue velcet gothic oversised blouse
12)Bardaux Leather Booties
13)Casual black booties
14)Casual Dress
15)Oversized dark grey sweater
16)Olive green / Black, pullover.
17)Basic black Sleepers
18)Denim Jacket
19)White shirt with straight collar