The act of being different provocative and eye catchy. Misunderstood indeed the one who is the aforementioned but who said being understood is in fashion?

I don't get why we all should wear conventional clothes that cause no interest or have no elements of surprise because that's what the others want us to. I mean, why wear a pair of jeans and a t-shirt like everyone else and not a Rick Owens full on outfit? Because it is provocative? Different? Elegant? I don't see any disadvantage to all these and I am really wondering why people judge such stylish clothes when in fact they are the ones that insult aesthetic as a term with their careless looks, just because they think that they are too important to care about what they put on their back.

This article is about saying no to any kind of bullying on wearing something. I know a lot of you out there wear the basic jeans and shirt stuff and I know that some of you may not want to but what can you do, there is a dress code. No there isn't. Same works for everything in life. Codes are to be followed but also to be created. Why not create your own dress code? Why not consider cool something that is provocative and adorable to you and make this a dress code? Wearing jeans might get you some fake friends indeed but:
Rule No1: Your clothes should not affect your relationships. Not at all. e.g I have friends that hate fashion or just don't care about fashion but they are still my best friends.

Rule No1: Being part of a group because of your clothes is freaking awful. I mean lol. What if I wear Dior? I am not cool then?

Rule No1: Never compromise with others' budget and think that you should wear plain t-shirts because they cannot afford a printed one for example.

So, let's make it more personal now. I mostly wear black, white and more natural colors. I don't like bright colors at all and I also don't like sportswear except from a few pieces. I like tight trousers and jeans and loose tops like a big sweater or a big t-shirt with cool tailoring. I like edgy and the combination of hard and soft like leather and canvas or linen or fleece. Not into rock. Just very much like a modern warrior, a stylish presence. I also sometimes like sophisticated. Like a cool white or black shirt with a pair of trousers styled to the bone with accessories mostly focused on my hands (rings and bracelets, mostly made of leather or metal). So everything I do is provocative to the common eye yet I like it really much and I believe that people into fashion do as well. That means that the fact that others may not approve your clothes because they are different doesn't mean you don't look cool. Sometimes it is just that they have no idea. At school I really give them food for commenting with what I wear but I actually find it amusing that they have no business of their own to mind, as I feel glorious in my apparel when they look like messed up messes dressed up for sleep time.

Don't give a shit. Be yourselves and be provocative if you feel like doing it.
Do not wear provocative clothing to just do it. It is important that you adore it and that it suits you a way you look like the master of the very cloth.

I wish I helped.


Leonidas Villano