J'adoreday #3

The Fashion Perks Of Winter
Even though I am a cancer and I am supposed to adore summer, I actually loath it,along with the hot weather and the sun. Thus I adore winter. I love the cold, I love the dark and the chill in the air. It makes me feel alive and I honestly feel like going out all the time. The why is simple. The fashion!!! Hoodies, over sized coats, scarves, boots, trousers and knitwear, they have me going crazy. In addition to that, this season of the year is the best when it comes to making savings and getting some pocket money in order to buy goodies for my beloved closet. I actually shop in winter only! I hate summer's fashion so I almost never get light apparel. And then who can ignore the fact that winter's happenings are numerous in comparison to summer's? And happenings mean that people look their best in their favorite clothes. In Summer you only wear a swimsuit and I can see no fashion to it, at all. What is more is that in summer I cannot be very creative since I am away from home all the time, and I hate not being creative. Even school makes me feel creative and when in vacations there is no school so I am like dying for being so lazy and relaxed. Christmas of course is my favorite thing so that plays a huge role to my winter adoration as well. Oh and the hot beverages! I am a tea and hot coffee lover and an ice-cream hater for quite some time now so that's a huge perk of winter as well. Please tell me, am I the only one that loves winter and hates summer?

Leonidas Villano