Lana Del Rey, The Muse, The Goddess, The Ultimate

    Lana Del Rey. The girl with the most kissable lips alive has made it's way to the music industry and after one year of huge success she is now No1 at everything she does. A model, a songwriter a songstress, an actor, a video editor and mostly an artist. I really can't think of anything that this girl can't do.
A lot of people refer to Lana as another fake product of the industry, a grossing persona made of wires. My opinion? Screw them. I really adore her to the bone. She is my muse my love my everything even though I know her not. I am not one of these guys that scream like hell and shout about how gorgeous and amazing Lana is. I don't want to be a fan. I want to be an observer. One of the reasons why she does what she does. I know it sounds arrogant but that's the way it works for me. I feel really happy that she exists and very exited that I live in the times of her dominion as I always wanted to pride in a star of my ages as the elders do with bands like The Queen and The Doors. Lana is like a siren. She drives me to this world of sadness and joy at the same time. Reminding me of the white house, the blues and jazzes. The glam of old time classic Broadway and this feeling of being a true star like Merilyn. Her music is a one way ticket to endless inspiration and I am really thankful that she does what she does as I did not know how amazing jazz was before her shocking arrival.
What is more is that Lana is doing things the old way. Silently and carefully. She does not shout about anything and she is far from provocative. Yet she is somehow so captivating and interesting that by doing nothing she attracts blogs sites and photographers from all over the world. A true Diva. My dream client and a lot more. She is now the model to promote H&M a/w 2012-13 collection, clothes made for her to be sold for others. Nice clothes indeed. But why pretend to be like Lana when you are not? I ain't sure if this is going to work. Some girls are truly true to the 50s style but there are girls that just follow trends. And then things get messy and fashionistas cry over Lana images. Let's hope for the best though.
I do not know whether I am the only one that listens to Lana on a daily bases and still never gets bored . It's really amazing(laughs). What I know is that I want as much Lana as you can give me. I have a patchwork on my closet of images that inspire me the most. I thought that watching them each time I lay on my bed or just get lost into thoughts I would somehow brainstorm amazing ideas. I really do. And Lana is depicted at about 6 out of the 15 photographs. Obsessive yes. But loving as well. Lana Del Rey. Amen.